Homeatspain.com Terms and Conditions

   Terms and conditions                               

1. Where there has been no payment deposit within eight days, will void the reservation automatically. Homeatspain.com  has the right to release the house again.
2. The leased property is intended solely as a holiday. Permanent residence is not allowed.
3. Check out on the day of departure is  no later than 10:00 H. Arrival on the day of arrival from
16:00H. Unlike here indicated only in consultation and with written permission from the landlord.
4. In the planned arrival at the airport after 23.00 h, when booking your airline ticket, a fee per booking will be charged from € 30, - and on arrival and after 24.00 H will be a charge of € 50, - are calculated. Upon arriving with their own transport will be after 23:00 H a fee of € 50, - are calculated.
5. Regular consumption of electricity is included. At a consumption over 85 Kwh till 100 Kwh per week (air conditioning), € 0.30 € per will be deducted from the deposit.
6. At the end of the rental period the keys must returned to the manager to be returned or to be left in the house.
7. Inspection of the property takes place within a week of departure. With no loss of belongings or damage to the property, the deposit will be refunded within one week to the tenant.
8. It is forbidden to make open fire on the terrace or garden.
9. Pets are only allowed in consultation and with the written consent of the landlord, and when there may not cause immediate inconvenience or danger to residents or visitors to the urbanization or park. Dogs must be leashed.
10. Garbage must  be in the containers, which stand along the road to the park, to be deposited.
11. The tenant is obliged to respect the house rules of the park, which in the park or in the rented are indicated.
12. The tenant is not allowed to put sound recordings at high volume so that the residents here directly affected by might encounter.
13. The tenant is not allowed to make any changes to the property or contents.
14. The tenant is obliged by return to replace the own rupture of utensils or any damage and to pass this before departure to the landlord.
15. Tenant shall on the day of arrival, any damage or defects immediately to notify the landlord.
16. Tenant is responsible for loss of keys and / or remote control of the garage, which are handed over at the start of the rental period. In case of loss of keys and / or remote control, the cost of keys and remote control  and labor to replace, passed on to the tenant. You must pay this in cash on the spot or wil be deducted from the deposit .
17. Lessor shall secure it when leaving the house to run in any existing awning and exit the apartment. We strongly recommend closing the shutters, louvered doors and fences when  you leave the apartment.
18. Lessor is not liable for the consequences of intrusion and loss of personal property.
19. The landlord is not liable for damages in any form whatsoever incurred by tenants in or around the house and in the park and the (communal) pool.
20. The landlord has the right to refuse tenants who come with more people and stay then that is defined for the maximum occupancy of the house.
21. The landlord is not liable for failure of electrical equipment but should be fixed in consultation with a defect or replace administrator.
22. Lessor shall not be liable for any errors or mistakes in the descriptions of rental housing.

* It occasionally happens that unexpected construction work takes place in the immediate vicinity of our accommodation. We cannot accept any responsibility for this. The same applies to noise pollution from neighbors, church bells or agricultural equipment. We cannot protect you against environmental problems in your holiday region.

Cancellation Policy
* If canceled up to 3 months before arrival cancellation fee of 25%.
* Cancellation from 3 months to 2 months before arrival date a cancellation fee of 35%.
* Cancellation from 2 months to 1 month before arrival date a cancellation fee of 60%.
* Cancellation from one month to 14 days before arrival cancellation fee of 80%.
* If canceled up to 14 days to arrival date a cancellation fee of 100%.

Payment Terms
The deposit is 25% of the total rent and within 8 working days of the reservation to be fulfilled. Remainder of the rent must be paid no later than 8 weeks before your stay and rental period. For bookings within 8 weeks before your stay, the full rental amount must be paid. The booking is only confirmed when the deposit or rent landlord has on his behalf. Payment by bank can only be to. R.J.W. Bol on account number:
IBAN: NL62INGB0658503774 and BIC:  BIC: INGBNL2A within the reference of your stay.
Your payment copy of this lease is your booking confirmation.

Damage deposit
The deposit you will receive within 1 week return to your bank account after inspection and possible settlement of damage, breakage or loss of property or not leave in good condition of the property. We ask you to leave the property in good and clean condition so that the next tenants may involve the property from 16.00 h and deposit used towels and bed linen in the washing machine.

We strongly advise you to take out cancellation insurance and to send a copy of the front page of the policy to us. Any cancellations must be made by immediately be confirmed in writing to the landlord. We also stipulate that the tenant has a private travel insurance.